Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nelson Marshmallow Sofa


Designed in 1956 by George Nelson and Irving Harper, the Marshmallow Sofa is wholly unique. The Marshmallow Sofa is constructed of 18 urethane foam cushions floating on a brushed tubular steel frame. This design was originally intended for high traffic public areas. The cushions are easily removable to facilitate easy cleaning and allow for rotation to distribute wear evenly. You can also create new looks if you have a multiple color version. This sofa was only produced until 1965 so vintage pieces are rare. Herman Miller again started producing the Marshmallow Sofa in 1999 after a 34-year hiatus.

The 1956 Herman Miller catalogue stated, “Despite its astonishing appearance, this piece is very comfortable.”

The list price of the sofa starts at $2,899 for the crepe or vinyl version, with a leather version available for $3,699. Remember, the vintage 1956 – 1965 versions are quite rare. They were however designed for public use and therefore do survive quite well.

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